Fidele Tugizimana
Fidele Tugizimana
Lecturer and Researcher in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Johannesburg, SA, a Specialist Scientist in the International R&D management of the Omnia Group Ltd company SA, a Scientific Consultant in the L.E.A.F. Pharmaceuticals LLC (USA & Rwanda)
University of Johannesburg, SA

Dr. Fidele Tugizimana and his research group, in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, applies metabolomics approaches in interrogating cellular biochemistry at global level, specifically in plant-environment interactions, in the natural products research and biostimulant research. We have also made contributions in development of methodologies in metabolomics data acquisition and analysis and in mass-spectrometry-based metabolite identification. The research group is involved in driving the implementation of tools and workflows developed and used in extracting information from metabolomics data, exploring 4IR technologies in metabolomics, the use of machine learning and integrated novel computational frameworks (e.g., GNPS ecosystem and computational tools) in mining and interpreting metabolomics spectral data.

Group members
Dr. Tugizimana’s research group currently comprises of 14 postgraduate students.

PhD candidates (6): Ms. Anza-Tshilidzi Ramabulana, Ms. Kekeletso Chele, Ms. Lerato Nephali, Mr. Morena Tinte, Ms. Motseoa Lephatsi, and Mr. Teboho Tsotetsi.
MSc candidates (4): Ms. Akhona Myoli, Ms. Innocentia Selepe, Ms. Kgalaletso Othibeng, and Ms. Motumiseng Malebe.
BSc. Hons. students (4): Mr. Ali Ndlovu, Mr. Lekau Madisha, Mr. Musiwalo Mulaudzi, and Mrs. Sheetal Sookoo.